Life is a Blissful Dream

The blissful dream

Life can simply be just like a blissful dream,

Bursting with colour like fireworks on New Year’s Eve,

Or like sweet music to the ears, like warm apple pie and ice cream,

Life can be filled with any pleasure that the mind can conceive.


Life can be just what you’ve always dreamed it could be,

You’re the captain of your voyage, you can sail through any sea,

You can’t be swept overboard by a storm or stay sinking helplessly,

You must fight to stay afloat and keep fighting fearlessly.


Life is a reward, not a jail sentence, what you give you will receive,

Like the contagion of laughter, or wearing your heart on your sleeve,

Daring to share feelings with true friends can smash the walls of loneliness and grief,

If you’re locked in the dark cell of sorrow, you can still turn over a new leaf.


If ever false friends like Doubt or Worry cloud your peace of mind and glee,

If Jealousy makes you so green that you can’t recall your own dreams clearly,

If Malice tries to freeze your heart to destroy your human warmth severely,

Eliminate those unwanted pests, kill those killjoy weeds of negativity.


Life is beautiful but short, so make the most of this blissful dream,

Never let critics dim your smile or dictate what you can and can’t achieve,

Make time to celebrate life with one another as one big merry team,

Dream big and be brave, because magical things will happen when you believe.





Enjoy every moment ✈️ Faigh an ceann is fearr ar an eagla Folgen Sie Ihren Träumen Faites des souvenirs

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