Barbed wire

Barbed wire

The best relationships I’ve known are like barbed wire,
They struggle sometimes, but never tire,
To protect loved ones from being betrayed by supposed friends or deceived by liars,
Connections where happiness and integrity reign are the ones I really admire.

These strong bonds often begin between two awkward people who are tongue-tied,
Or even through unpleasant disputes where they were initial enemies who each took sides,
But opposites frequently attract, find commonalities, and learn how to have a good time,
Whether it’s fun moments like trying to bake and pronounce “Mississippi mud pie”,
Or more serious ones, when dealing with inevitable changes, like watching the sunrise.

While those involved would have always deemed these friendships invincible,
Like barbed wire, each has its own testing points and edges as a principle,
To strain people beyond their strength in a way that is unthinkable,
But it’s those who learn from the tragedies and move on with life who are sensible.

Just time, compassion and perseverance are the ingredients you require,
To muster up a lasting companionship that can live on in the future to inspire,
Where there is always someone to join the laugher and comfort the crier,
Where there is always the burning ambition to set the world on fire,
And throughout life, that’s all anyone ultimately desires,
A sturdy relationship, the best kind, that are built like barbed wire.



Enjoy every moment ✈️ Faigh an ceann is fearr ar an eagla Folgen Sie Ihren Träumen Faites des souvenirs

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