Falling for a falling star

Falling for a falling star

I had always known her, but I had never told her,
How I thought she was a beautiful shining star,
She must have found me appalling, but at the same time she was falling,
A fading shine from some ill-fated romance while I was a creature from Mars!

A lady who was mysterious, and almost always imperious,
Too grand to lower herself to giving the market boys and girls a friendly salute,
Being just a young commoner hooked on fishing, all I could do was keep wishing,
That I could bravely catch that falling star and forever be her parachute.

Those were the dreams I would savour, never expecting events to change in my favour,
One day that had begun normally as I prepared to sell fish at my stall at the fair,
Poshly prancing by, drowning in jewelry, with an overwhelming perfume, smelling like “Eau de Brewery”,
Miss Perfectly Clueless had made her entrance, causing all the workers to smirk and stare.

It didn’t matter to me about her naivety or petulance, they all just amounted to irrelevance,
Traits she had only employed to paper over the cracks, threatening to expose her secret world,
Wearing sunglasses in the rain, and marching in stilettos to hide her pain,
Had not fooled me, I could see she was a falling star, a lost, broken girl.

In the evening by closing time, she had reached her boasting prime,
Stylishly parading back and forth, sporting a face of little emotion,
I had sensed it wasn’t a good manoeuvre, and I was terrified I would lose her,
When her ignorant head had been so high, that she swaggered straight into the ocean.

I had always been fishing until sunset, and I was especially glad to have done it,
Because I had finally found my opportunity to save this fallen beauty,
Without much hesitation, I jumped in after her with much dedication,
I would rescue her from peril even if she’d think I was a loony!

I pulled her out of the water, and desperately fought with her,
To wake up and show me my chivalrous effort had not been in vain,
It was a magnificent surprise, when she opened her eyes,
And kissed me gratefully on the cheek, I couldn’t keep my joy contained!

She confided in me her tale of being unlucky in love, but I assured this vulnerable girl enough,
That the past has flown by, so there’s no time to dwell on it all in the present moment,
I was delighted the Ice Queen had begun melting, as she described how her boyfriend left her bruised from beltings,
But I promised her the worst I intended to do to her was to steal her heart like she had mine already stolen.

Now whenever we pass each other on the street, she will no longer be so discreet,
And the market people will stare sceptically at our courteous encounters, at the new way we are,
Because we’re on the same level now they might even laugh, but I know they’re all only daft,
They can’t see how she’s slowly falling in love with me, and I’ve fallen for a falling star!



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