Frozen summer


I suffer from the recurrence of a haunting memory from when I was twenty,
When, out in the woods, in the summertime, I came across a sparkling bicycle,
In my mind, I’m liberated in a forest, in reality, I’m confined to a ward, sipping the same old lemon tea,
And yet, this memory is seeping through my brain so that it will freeze there, like a painful icicle.

The lonesome bike attracted me towards it, like the pull of a magnet, it needed a companion,
I couldn’t believe my luck when I read my name, scribbled across a piece of attached silk fabric,
With not a single soul nearby, I mounted it and began to pedal as fast as lightning, I was an unhindered stallion,
With the summer air warmly embracing me, and the wheels gliding smoothly along, like an ice-skater across ice, it was magic!

Not once did I feel fear or consider any possible consequence,
I didn’t wonder why this strange incident hadn’t upset me, or why I wasn’t nervous,
I arrived home to the foolish tears of my father, muttering how he had spent his last pence,
And to the woeful tears of my mother, mourning her youngest son who had been stolen from her to do military service.

It had made me feel ill at ease to discover that just moments before I set off on that wonderfully thrilling bicycle ride,
My little brother had been robbed of his innocent youth, as he was snatched away, making our everyday struggles worse,
He’s still missing to this day, because of Mam and Dad’s request to bring that bike home, as a surprise,
To express the pride they felt for me as I had been working hard, hoping to build my career as a nurse.

However, this nurse is now the one being nursed, that’s just the way it seems,
An old biddy of 95, with a sad life, being dictated by big-headed doctors, telling me I have Alzheimer’s,
Because of my tendency to forget the present, a brain frozen in the past, replaying that poignant memory, and other shattered dreams,
I have never cycled since and never will again, those summer days are gone, I have my time served.



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