Man in the moonlight

Man in the moonlight

Man in the moonlight,

Illuminating my dreams,

Will you come again tonight

Dancing merrily through moonbeams?


You arrived suddenly one night,

When I was slow to fall into a slumber,

I had been undoubtedly uptight,

But you still rocked me to sleep in the loudest of thunders.


I dozed, undisturbed, with visions of a pond,

As the moon shone on the ripples, the tranquil bank was soothing,

As you floated around uncertainly, of you I grew fond,

Not knowing if it was you or myself I was deluding.


Whether you were real or not, in my heart you existed,

I knew well enough from a previous time not to question,

Though you left me unexpectedly with a broken heart, you fixed it,

By coming back for me each night in my dreams, reprising my affection.


You were mine, you were my man in the moonlight,

But your time with me was short as you created comforting water bubbles,

You began to fade away, though I saw you in a true light,

You were the valiant man who saved me before you became lost in the rubble.



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