Little Riddles


I remember a time when I was little,

When everything seemed like a riddle,

I had just turned five, to my knowledge,

A time when I would happily refuse porridge.

The world seemed so big and out of reach,

To an adventurous child who was liable to screech,

I decided at this time I wanted to explore,

I solely played a little game as I’d done many times before.


My parents sought solace away from the house,

I had wreaked havoc, firing porridge on Mammy’s blouse,

They had fled to their friend’s dinner party, feeling relieved,

But I was as happy as Larry, I’d make sure the moment would be seized.

Luckily for me, we lived in an expensive, fancy mansion,

Unluckily, a nanny had been hired, she had an undesirable fashion,

Bossing, criticising and moaning composed her unmistakable passion,

She’d taken too many steps too far, I’d make her beg for ransom!


She’d complained at the dinner table when I ate without using cutlery,

And nearly fainted at the sight of my room, wishing I’d go back to the nursery,

This troublesome alien nanny irritated me for being so curt,

But I didn’t waste any time, I’d soon bring her down to earth!

I ransacked the house for scissors and sticky tape,

And concocted a plan to terminate the nanny’s spiteful reign,

I snuck up behind her in her chair when she wasn’t looking,

And wrapped her up completely in sticky tape, she could say nothing!


With my new sense of freedom, I chose to play dress-up,

Wearing Mammy’s dresses and waltzing, my night wouldn’t be messed up,

From my dedication to dancing, my feet were soon beaten by fatigue,

From spinning around in chains, perfume and high heels, this game had to cease.

I then found good, reliable friends in my many teddy bears,

Only when we played hide and seek, they gave me several scares,

So I moved onto a more sophisticated game with them – a game of dares,

But I found it much more entertaining to get Nanny involved with musical chairs!


But belting and kicking chairs, I began to find it boring,

I was a restless child, eager to play, I had to keep exploring,

Suddenly, I was attracted to a corresponding mirror, like a magnet,

I sprinted impulsively towards it, no one could have planned it.

No matter how tall I stood, I was still little, in front of the massive mirror,

I began to ascend the frame, feeling invincible, but it wobbled to my terror,

I panicked, the hefty mirror ready to collapse on top of me, it was unthinkable,

But what happened next to allow me to recall this moment was unpredictable.


Opening my eyes cautiously, I realised Nanny had come to my rescue,

She held me in her arms and laughing it off, said “That would certainly test you!”

I was speechless as to how Cranky Nanny had escaped from her chair,

She revealed that the tape wasn’t strong enough, I smiled replying “That’s unfair!”

That night, as we all sat down relaxed, sharing stories and putting on the kettle,

I had an epiphany that life could be confusing at times, like if Daddy began playing a fiddle!

But if you had been standing in my place at the mirror and feeling little,

Wouldn’t you reconsider things and see how life can be a riddle?



Enjoy every moment ✈️ Faigh an ceann is fearr ar an eagla Folgen Sie Ihren Träumen Faites des souvenirs

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