Lonely Perspective


A slow melancholic drive through a never ending green,

My sad eyes gazed, confused, through the burning glass of the car window,

As to how a bright, gaily lawn could seem so serene,

While the fierce thoughts in my head screamed in echoes.


I was here in this place again after one year,

How did the time pass so fast?

June last year, happiness, life and romance,

June this year, absorbed by the past.


I should have let it go, but I couldn’t help what I saw there,

My boyfriend with my best friend sitting under a big, green tree,

Laughing wholeheartedly, holding hands without a care,

“You just looked at it from your own, wrong perspective,” my friend callously tells me.


But I thought it was right, it was the only perspective,

I started to accuse my friends, my only….

Their lies and stories about times spent in that summer field were ineffective,

So here I am now, without my bad, old friends, lonely.


Despair is all I feel now in this new summer’s sun,

My two, new enemies still enjoying their shameless affair,

How could they do this to me? Why am I the one,

who had to be caught so cruelly in this sneaky snare?


I fall in an awkward heap under the tree, like a stranger,

I cast a cautious eye up towards it’s trunk of trouble,

It’s roughly textured arms spread out, warmly welcoming danger,

It’s lush leaves of deceit escaping my grasp in my futile fumble.


I’m standing upright now, despite feeling limbless,

I can see the light leaves floating into the sky,

And feelings of closure and peace overcome my earlier dimness,

Feelings of danger, hate and pain, far away they fly.


And in the briefest minute, the leaves merge into one whole part,

I forgive my friends, I can trust them and I can finally cope,

My own heart melts as they form the shape of another heart,

Ending one year’s grief and beginning the coming year’s hope.


Though the leaves dissolved into the fresh summer breeze,

I felt them watch over me, very protective,

My old friends split up but now my point of view is seen,

So no longer lonely is my lonely perspective.



Enjoy every moment ✈️ Faigh an ceann is fearr ar an eagla Folgen Sie Ihren Träumen Faites des souvenirs

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