Paper Caper

Newspaper 1What a commotion! Today, I was in a mad hurry heading for the dentist, but I had to buy the newspaper in the nearby shop, so I picked it up, rashly, without a thought and went to the counter to be served by a grumpy, old woman. At the time, I had thought she looked at me in a disgusted way, (either that, or her deep wrinkles were very conspicuous) and charged me the money and I didn’t find anything wrong with the cash total, but I had bought a toothbrush too. (on the way to the dentist!) But when I looked at the receipt, I noticed I had been charged for two newspapers and when I looked at the paper, I realised there was another one hiding with it! I hadn’t discovered it because they were both thin and unruffled! No wonder the old woman had looked so bitterly as if I was venom, she thought I was trying to take the eye out of her head and hide the paper so that I wouldn’t be charged for the extra paper! And I had been cursing her for a while after because I thought she was trying to fool me when I was buying two papers. I reckoned she should have known I made a genuine mistake and asked me if I knew I was buying two or if I had made a mistake! It was all ok in the end anyway, I returned the paper and got my money back. (Of course, I didn’t ask her for my money back, I went to someone else!) The lesson of today is to open my eyes more in future and try to be on time and avoid being in a hurry! I had actually turned into an older woman that the woman in the shop, I’ll have to get glasses next 🙂



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