Diamonds in the rough

Diamonds in the rough

He was running away from his problems again,

Falling deeper and deeper into the solitary woods,

His faith was growing weaker and his hope was wearing thin,

Giving up on dreams of harmonious neighbourhoods.


Disparaging nicknames ringing out in his head,

From “Bony Baloney” to “Little Brittle Crystal”,

Tears stinging his eyes, he couldn’t see where he tread,

Stumbling over stones, he was struck down like a skittle.


Yet, at his lowest ebb,

Shone an unscathed crystal ball,

And as he took the first step,

His worth no longer seemed so small.


Just one touch and the crystal ball made his dreams come alive,

With snapshots of his future self pursuing music and dance,

He had never thought possible how well he could thrive,

When his life had always been run by pushes, shushes and can’ts.


And in these scenes of true friends and joyful memories yet to be made,

In college or onstage, the bullies were nowhere to be found,

Now, thoughts of his future no longer made him anxious or afraid,

Because he knew no one would succeed in bringing him down.


Now he’d discovered a wide world where bullies weren’t so tough,

In truth, they were weak, petty and lonesome cowards,

And the boy, like the crystal ball, was a true diamond in the rough,

With a delicate shell, but with unbreakable power.


April Motivation – perfectionism


While it’s good to aim for excellence, it is important to remember that striving for perfection all the time can be a happiness thief. When it seems there is a mountain of work ahead, there is no point in putting it all off and waiting until the ‘right moment’ comes along to make it perfect. There is never a better time than right now. And if it seems we can’t make things perfect, we shouldn’t beat ourselves up. All any of us can ever do is try our best 🙂

Cast aside

Cast aside

I loved L.A. with stars in my eyes,

and dreamed of sipping champagne under papaya skies,

Naïve in the belief that the world was my stage,

where the play of my dream life could be realised.


Nothing to my name but poignant sacrifice,

I would have sold my soul for that Hollywood paradise,

I turned my back on family and friends for a chance at fame,

Knowing deep down that someday I would have to pay the price.


For casting agents’ approval, I travelled mile upon mile,

Praying that just one of them would give me a trial,

But that grating echo of rejection as I was booed off the stage,

left me wandering the streets aimlessly like an unwelcome exile.


Finally, one day, I found an ensemble to which I could belong,

Only to be dropped mercilessly when a renowned actor came along,

Gone was my light at the end of the tunnel, my name never to be in lights,

I’d forever be up against a brick wall, stuck in the same old sad song.


I left Los Angeles all alone with tears in my eyes,

A city where I had lost myself, a city I could not recognise,

Where I’d been cast aside by a snobbish cast and crew I’d failed to engage,

Yet, as long as I captivate audiences, I will continue to rise.

La Rêveuse (The Dreamer)

La Rêveuse 1

Chaque nuit, elle s’émerveillait des étoiles dans le ciel,

Et trouvait de l’espoir malgré ses peurs, ses doutes et sa douleur,

Avec un éclat dans ses yeux, elle se rappelait que la vie est belle,

Et elle survivrait tant qu’elle avait des rêves dans son cœur.




Every night, she would marvel at the stars in the sky,

And find hope despite her fears, her doubts and her pain,

With a twinkle in her eye, she remembered that life is beautiful,

And she would survive as long as she had dreams in her heart.

Life is a Blissful Dream

The blissful dream

Life can simply be just like a blissful dream,

Bursting with colour like fireworks on New Year’s Eve,

Or like sweet music to the ears, like warm apple pie and ice cream,

Life can be filled with any pleasure that the mind can conceive.


Life can be just what you’ve always dreamed it could be,

You’re the captain of your voyage, you can sail through any sea,

You can’t be swept overboard by a storm or stay sinking helplessly,

You must fight to stay afloat and keep fighting fearlessly.


Life is a reward, not a jail sentence, what you give you will receive,

Like the contagion of laughter, or wearing your heart on your sleeve,

Daring to share feelings with true friends can smash the walls of loneliness and grief,

If you’re locked in the dark cell of sorrow, you can still turn over a new leaf.


If ever false friends like Doubt or Worry cloud your peace of mind and glee,

If Jealousy makes you so green that you can’t recall your own dreams clearly,

If Malice tries to freeze your heart to destroy your human warmth severely,

Eliminate those unwanted pests, kill those killjoy weeds of negativity.


Life is beautiful but short, so make the most of this blissful dream,

Never let critics dim your smile or dictate what you can and can’t achieve,

Make time to celebrate life with one another as one big merry team,

Dream big and be brave, because magical things will happen when you believe.



Image of another girl

Image of another girl

The reflection of a girl who regarded herself with disdain

regularly featured on the walls of an inner city train,

Her secret tears mirrored the melancholic song of the external rain,

Longing to wash away the months of torment, criticism and pain,

To be free of her life that had become unbearably mundane.


Her social encounters would always consist of unhealthy comparisons,

An unfortunate consequence of being an identical twin,

“You’re the image of your sister!”, “Your interests must be akin!”

But their bitter distaste for the truth made her miserable in her own skin,

And her quest for personal happiness seemed like an impossible game to win.


Her failure to emulate her sister’s success was tough for her family to envisage,

Now they saw her as only playing second fiddle, the runt, just her twin’s spitting image,

Their chide remarks and resentful glares had left her own hopes diminished,

She was sorry that she wasn’t their golden child, not their picture-perfect image,

Not like her abundantly cherished sister, instead just abundantly blemished.


Before her stood a strange girl, tired of taking insults on the chin,

Suffocating in a world of copycats, with no choice but to give in,

But she realised she was born to be individual, and couldn’t let the critics win,

And though the frown lines and dark circles told the sad tale of where she had been,

She would look forward to that blissful destination where her life could begin.


It was time to send that image of another girl, that poor, weak girl, up in flames,

She would no longer be the same old girl stuck on the same old train,

No longer that misjudged disaster, that doormat, that disappointment, that pain,

Giving up on those who had given up on her, she’d break those unforgiving chains,

Now a girl free to find her true destiny, she would regain control of the reins.










Wow”, Eve exclaimed, as she lingered on an unknown street on a piercing night,

Overwhelmed by the incredible stillness bar a hooting owl in the moonlight,

Numbed by her beautifully luminous view of the Sea of Tranquility,

Diving deeper, no wonder, into an ocean of vulnerability,

Elusive, like the moon, became her normally wonderful sense of danger,

Reality had escaped her, though nearby lurked an equally wonderstruck stranger…..